The Taker Devblog: Trap System

Hi, I’m Zia, I generally make more of the ‘initial implementation’ as in the quick and dirty program which shows off the idea, its generally Dylan or Csongor who clean up my mess! Now my most recent addition is the Trap System! Something I have had on my mind for a while, and finally decided to implement the bare bones. As it stands it serves its purpose but it has its bugs definitely! The AI may crawl along the floor on occasions!

Currently only works with hideable furniture (E) but there will be many more traps to come!

I got the idea when i realized as much as stealth only would be great (And maybe with more balancing, and future additions its all we will need!) the police tend to overrun the player after a while. Now as the game stands its in a very early stage of development and were exactly this goes in the future, i can’t predict.

Now as for previous implementations, well there isn’t too much, you will most definitely hear from me again, i have a few ideas in mind but only time will tell. As it stands, I broke quite a few things so i’ll be looking into that.

Have a blast,