The Taker Devblog: What’s so hard about making games?

Unfortunately, development has slowed down a bit. We’ve nearly got the engine done, and we’re starting to get into designing the rest of the levels. The thing is, after a while, everyone loses interest in their projects. Even when working in teams, people start ambitious projects, and even if they have the time and resources, they don’t finish what they’re working on. When planning a project, it’s really important to not just think of what you can do, but also what you’re willing to do. If you do game development as a hobby and start on a project that seems like it will take a month, not only will it probably take more time because your initial estimates weren’t accurate, you’ll also lose interest after a while and look at your project thinking: do I really want to finish this, or do I want to start a new project as I have more experience? This doesn’t look that bad at first, but it’s likely that you’ll abandon that project as well for many of the same reasons, and so on. It’s really unfortunate and a lot of great projects are lost because people lose faith in them, or just get bored.

It’s happened to me too many times, and now I try to plan everything in a way that it doesn’t happen again. If you think some features are missing from The Taker, or you’re wondering why we didn’t spend more time on some parts of the engine, it may be that just putting that work in would have made progress even slower, to the point that we eventually don’t even finish the project.

I really hope that The Taker will be finished, and right now I’m pretty sure it will be. I just wanted to share this short update on what I think is the biggest danger to our project. If you’re developing a game I wish you the best of luck finishing it.

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