The Taker Devblog: UI Sounds

Hi, I’m Csongor, I made most of the menus in The Taker. Currently, all the menu items change color when the cursor is hovering over them, and they also make a sound. You might think that these sounds are connected to the colors changing, but it’s actually independent. When the cursor object collides with one of the menu items, it just plays the hover sound. The click sound is triggered along with the functionality of the buttons, that wasn’t too hard to set up.

The sounds I got from the YouTube Audio Library, their collection is pretty expansive. I downloaded a long recording of keyboard sounds, and just cut out two of the key presses, one loud and one quiet. I thought the repetition would be annoying, but since the sounds aren’t too loud anyway, you don’t really notice it.

One of my favorite games, The Stanley Parable, also used keyboard sounds for its UI, although that was more obvious and the sounds were also used for any interactions within the game. It also randomly played different versions of the sound, so it wasn’t repetitive at all.

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